I was so super excited when I was asked by Julie to do her newborn photos since this is my favorite area of photography. I did her maternity photos but that will have to be another post. Julie is so warm andeasy going and her husband Chris is really nice. They are very natural parents. Chloe was born on June 24, 2010 in typical female fashion, late! 

But her parents didn’t mind one bit as they knew the wait was well worth it the minute they laid their eyes on her. They thought she was the most perfect baby they had ever seen and marveled over every single detail on her tiny body. Julie and Chris have easily settled into parenthood and Chloe is a wonderful baby.

I have had the opportunity to photograph their adorable little girl twice and I look forward to doing some baptism photos of her next weekend. The first photo shoot was when Chloe was only three days old and she did so good. It is amazing how quickly she changed in just two weeks. I look forward to watching Chloe grow and seeing Julie and Chris experience all of the exciting firsts that they will have with their little girl. Babies grow up far too fast so I am so very happy that I am able to provide them photos so they can remember how small she was in her first few days of life.