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Today I have finished my first whole month of project 365. I only have 11 more months to go. I will admit this is not quite as easy as I had thought. When I decided to do this project, I thought, this will be a piece of cake. I can surely find 365 things to photograph to come up with a photo a day for the next year. Honestly, yes, I can find 365 things to photograph, but 365 things that I want to photograph that will be remotely interesting? Not quite so easy. I want to make sure that this project does not turn into a quick click and stick. I really want to take my time and learn how to photograph things from different angles, make an ordinary object more interesting, and really improve my skills so that I can have confidence going into any situation. I now know there are going to be days where my photos will be sorely lacking in any sort of interest and will be a run of the mill photo. But I will also be so proud of myself when the year is up and I have completed this goal I have set for myself.

Today’s photo is a book I got for my husband for Christmas a few years ago (before we were married). I always loved the comic Love Is… so when I ran across this book while doing some Christmas shopping, I thought it would make a great stocking stuffer. Tonight I saw this and it made me think of all of the reasons why I am ┬áin love with my husband and why I love my life. Yesterday was a rough day and I want to make sure that I find the positive in each day, no matter how hard it might be some times. Life is always going to have trials and hard spots, but I know that I have a wonderful loving man by my side to help me get through those times, and vice versa. I am so thankful for my family, and my son is always a bright spot in my day. So today, love is…my husband and my son.



I am so tired from editing wedding photos today (9 hours worth) s I am doing a very quick post. I took a picture of my son’s shoes but plan to redo a netter picture later this week with a longer post. I also plan to post the wedding pictures later this week when I have more energy. For now, I am off to bed and hopefully some sound sleep.

Tonight we went to the stables so I could see my old horse. He is old in the sense we no longer own him, but he is young, only 9 years old. We sold him last June which was such a difficult decision to make. Tonight was the first time that I felt I would be able to see him without tears flowing. It was so great to see him and it was not as hard as I had thought it would be. While we were weighing the hay for feeding, we decided to weigh the baby to make sure he was gaining weight. He thought it was so much fun and decided to play on the scale. Today, I know the joy he felt on the scale as I lost 3 pounds this at week, bringing my total weight loss to 7.2 pounds since joining Weight Watchers on 12-31-10. I am really proud of myself and find it funny that I want to watch my weight decrease but make sure that I watch my son’s weight increase. Oh, to be young again.


Tonight I took a picture of my little boy sleeping. I used this as my photo for MCP’s Project 52 submission. The theme for the week was soothing repetition. There is nothing that is more soothing to me than hearing my child breathing so steadily and strong when he is sleeping. Now and then he has the cutest baby snores and it makes me swoon. I remember when I was laying in the hospital at 3 a.m. the night I was in labor, I had the fetal heart monitor attached and they asked me if I wanted them to turn the sound off so I can sleep. I politely refused their offer and just smiled and they realized that the sounds was so comforting to me. I loved to hear his heart pounding, each eat strong and steady. I knew it was the last time that I would hear his heart beating in this manner and I wanted to soak up every minute I could while I imagined what my life as his mother would be. Now I find that same comfort and soothing in the steady breathing during his sleep, watching him as he looks so angelic and peaceful to me. I wish fervently that he will always have that peace, that the troubles in life will never change his carefree, innocent nature.


Tonight at Costco we found this absolutely yummy focaccia bread. It was honestly so good that I became addicted at first bite. The best part is that I can have a whole bread and it only counts as 6 points with weight watchers. This will be great for a lunch or dinner. SInce we bought a few packs, they threw in some free garlic in oil to add to the top of the breads before cooking. I love garlic and now this bread, so I was in heaven. Oh, the yummy goodness.


My tulips have really opened up and I think they are just about done. I decided to do my photo of they day using my flash and the tulips again. I really enjoyed these flowers and only wish they would last while longer. I still think my hubby is the greatest for my wonderful tulip surprise.


Today I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding. It was a very nice, intimate wedding and the couple was so in love. After the ceremony, we took some photos on the beach at San Clemente. It was such a beautiful sunset, a great ending to a couple’s first day of the rest of their life together. Congratulations Joseph and Melinda!


Yesterday my hubby surprised me with some of my favorite flowers, tulips. I absolutely love tulips and hope to have a field full of them someday while I ride my horse around and enjoy their beauty. This is a dream, but I have always been one to make my dreams come true. Ideally, I would be living in Holland, the native home of these flowers. It also happens to be where my favorite horse, the Friesian, can also be found. I digress though. The flowers are already opening so I thought they would make a great subject for today’s photo of the day and I was not disappointed. I had a very hard time selecting one, so I am posting two photos of the day today.






Today I tagged along with my dad, brother, hubby and baby to the train show at the Anaheim Convention Center. I hadn’t been but the boys are all about trains. I had a great time checking out the exhibits and grabbing some random photos of various displays. There was a cool M&M’s train, but I really liked this image I captured of an engine with a smokestack with smoke coming from it.


We are going to a train show tomorrow and my little man is so excited that he started to get ready tonight. He loves his train push/walk toy and I thought adding his conductor hat would make a cute photo.