For the New Year, I have started a couple of different goals. My first goal is to lose the baby weight, and some extra pounds, I’ve added since my baby boy was born 13 months ago. I had no idea how much I would struggle with the additional weight but I’ve finally decided to conquer that battle and signed up for Weight Watchers. I know that the weight will not come off as quickly as I would like, but I also know that with time and patience, it will come off. I look forward to being a healthier person so I can be the best mommy to my little guy that I can be.

With that resolution made, I also decided to do the 365 project. I want to structure my project around things that make me smile to help keep me reminded of things that make me happy and not focus on things that stress me or make me sad. I know that doing this project will make me a better photographer. It will also be great to look back next year, or anytime that I am feeling down, and remind myself of the simple things that make me smile. My family will always put a smile on my face, that’s a given, but I also want to enjoy the little treasures God has given us to make us smile.

I also figure that with so many recipes out there with the weight watchers diet, I can photograph my meals if I have no other inspiration for that day. Losing my weight will definitely make me smile. So this first photo is dinner last night, shrimp tostadas. They were so delicious!!! I skipped lunch, accidentally, so I got to have two of these, and I was one happy woman.


I’ll be posting another picture later today.