In addition to the 365 project I am doing, I have also decided to do a 52 project (one photo a week), put on by MCP Actions. I like the 52 project as each week there is a theme, so I feel like this will be easier than thinking of a photo each day. It also means I have to only do six other photos that I need to think of an idea for each week. Today’s picture is my submission for the 52 project. The theme this week was to illustrate a song and was inspired by our recent escapade to Disneyland. We got annual passes for Christmas and since we had gone over the past weekend, I thought it was only fitting that the song be a Disney song, “Just a Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins. The funny part is when I was tossing around ideas with my husband, he came up with the same thought as me.