Two years ago, my now husband and I gave my Dad two Sulcata Tortoises for Christmas. Backstory is that many years ago I had purchased a baby Sulcata from a pet store as they are so tiny and cute. After doing diligent research on care and specifics of the breed, I learned they are the 3rd largest tortoise species in the world! This meant that these tortoises need some serious room for when they are full-grown, which  is something I feel to do this day needs to be fully explained to any potential Sulcata Tortoise owner. It is a disservice to not make people aware of how large they get as many owners eventually find they no longer have the space to accommodate these large tortoises. I had taken my in to the office where I was currently working at the time and when I left, the office manager had become so attached to the little guys that I left them there for him to have. I knew they were in great hands.

My Dad still liked those turtles and talked about getting some again, so the now hubby and I decided they would be a great present. My boss at work is involved in a turtle and tortoise group and knew of some sulcatas for adoption. It was a great coincidence when we found out the tortoises we adopted happened to be named Ellis I and Ellis II, as my maiden name is Ellis. Along with the tortoises, we also all built an awesome tortoise house with lights, heat lamps and even a linoleum floor. The house is massive, 5′ by 5′ and a ramp leading to the raised floor to keep the turtles dry in the rain. Their house is so nice that often times my parents two dogs will be found in the house with the tortoises on really cold or rainy nights.

I decided to take a couple of photos of one of the tortoises today while I was over visiting my parents. It’s always fun trying to photograph this one as he seems to always think my toes are food. I was constantly having to move as the tortoise is quick and was determined that he was going to get a bite of my food. These tortoises have some weight on them so it was a nice arm workout each time I tried to move him back to his original spot to get the photo. It was such a beautiful warm day today that I am glad I was able to get a shot of this guy. They really are quite amazing looking.