Tonight I took a picture of my little boy sleeping. I used this as my photo for MCP’s Project 52 submission. The theme for the week was soothing repetition. There is nothing that is more soothing to me than hearing my child breathing so steadily and strong when he is sleeping. Now and then he has the cutest baby snores and it makes me swoon. I remember when I was laying in the hospital at 3 a.m. the night I was in labor, I had the fetal heart monitor attached and they asked me if I wanted them to turn the sound off so I can sleep. I politely refused their offer and just smiled and they realized that the sounds was so comforting to me. I loved to hear his heart pounding, each eat strong and steady. I knew it was the last time that I would hear his heart beating in this manner and I wanted to soak up every minute I could while I imagined what my life as his mother would be. Now I find that same comfort and soothing in the steady breathing during his sleep, watching him as he looks so angelic and peaceful to me. I wish fervently that he will always have that peace, that the troubles in life will never change his carefree, innocent nature.