So I am behind on posting my photos here for my 365 project, but I did get them on facebook so I did keep up with my project. I have a really great excuse as to why I slacked on updating the blog with my photo a day….truffles!!!! Ok, I am not a huge sweets person, or even dessert person. However, my mom’s best friend, Mrs. Maes, came down from Northern California and brought these little bites of heaven with her. It was literally love at first bite and I had to have the recipe. However, Mrs. Maes covets her recipe and she has never shared it with anyone. I did get her to agree to leave the recipe to me in her will, no joke. She mentioned her daughter has no interest in making these so she agreed that she would will the recipe to me. However, I hope that day doesn’t come for a long time and I don’t want to wait for more of these little yummies so I proceeded to Mrs. Maes to make truffles so I could figure out the recipe. Let me tell you, I was shameless! In the end, I convinced her to make some truffles this weekend so I wouldn’t have to go through a painful process of truffle withdrawals. So here is my photo from Friday, how the truffle love affair began.