I came home tonight to a work of art that my 14 month old son left for us on one of the bathroom cabinets. He had taken his bath crayons and went to town. I always thought I would be unhappy when my child did this, as I always hear the complaints from other parents, but all I could do was appreciate the fact that he is growing up more than I realize. I took appreciation in the fact that he has already figured out how to use the crayons to mark on a surface and that he spent a lot of time working on his art piece. Maybe it is just me since I am such a proud mommy, but I was surprised that he was able to make such a creation at only 14 months. I always thought children learn to draw on things at slightly older age, such as around 2 years. Either way, I am just going to celebrate my son and how much of a big boy he is turning into.


I also ordered his first book that we will be using as I attempt to home school. It is a large book that has compiled many children’s stories that I remember from when I was younger. I plan to start reading books to him early so hopefully he will learn to like books by the time that he is ready to start doing schoolwork. I am confident that with all of the information out there, that I will be able to find ways to ensure that we have as successful a home schooling experience as possible.


For now, my little budding Picasso’s artwork.