Tonight I am feeling uninspired and was really strugglinh to come up with anything to photograph. I finally decided that I would take a picture of one of the monkeys on mu sons’ pajamas. I was realyl struggling with how to decorate for my son and I finally felt that a monkey theme would be perfect for a baby boy. We have kept that theme going as really, I can only handle so many firetrucks, cars, construction rquipment and sports. So I found some adorable pajamas a couple of months back at Target. Tonight he was wearing them and I thought they were the perfect subject for today’s photo, Ok, to be honest, I was grasphing at straws to get my photo done for today. I realized that there are going to probably be plenty more days where I am feelng uninpsired and it is ok to take a picture of something completely ordinary for that day. I know next year, and even far down the road, I will be glad I captured what seem to be mundane details of our daily life. It will be fun to look back and remember the things that I appreciate now or will have forgotten about over time.