Tonight’s photo is also week 2 of a personal 52 week project I am working on. My son turned 15 months on Friday, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by! This past weekend he got to meet his 2 year old cousin and after that visit, he has decided that he now should be walking. He walks on his own about 90% of the time now and it makes me so proud to see him growing up and realizing what he is capable of. He also loves to draw so whenever we need to occupy him, we give him some paper and a pen or pencil and he just goes crazy. It amazes me that he is able to do this already, but perhaps this is just a mommy’s pride. I look forward to the many years that we have to see him continue to grow. My heart is so overflowing with love and I never could have dreamed I was capable of loving anyone as much as I do him.