Last night everyone turned their clocks back an hour as it was daylight savings. It was so nice to have an extra hour of daylight today and I look forward to more hours of daylight over the coming months. I wasn’t sure what to do for my photo of the day today, but decided to capture a picture of our alarm clock in honor of daylight savings time. I am sure by next weekend I will feel a little more adjusted to the time change. I know that tomorrow will be along day as it will feel like I woke up at 5:20 versus 6:20.

 However, I have such an exciting week that I am hoping the excitement will keep me alert. Tuesday I get to attend the Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis tour and I am so excited for this. I purchased my ticket last May and I have been so excited for the tour to arrive. I really respect both photographer’s work so I am sure that I will get a lot from the event. This coming weeekend I am attending the USPG 11 event, and I am looking forward to that as I haven’t attended before. The location is a really nice property in Temecula/Murrietta and the them is country glamour/enchanted fairy. I did an enchanted fairy shoot with a little baby last month so it will be interesting to get some photos with adults as the fairies. I am really excited as right now the ratio is 30 photographers to 20 models and I have not been to a group shoot that had such a great photographer/model ratio. I am hoping this will allow me to practice working with models more and not having to joust for a good position/angle. Sunday I am taking a class to learn how to make a bracelet. I am really excited to see the final outcome as I signed up for the class last month. I am ready for a good week and look forward to sharing my finished products from my upcoming events.