I have been still posting my photo a day on facebook and have been neglecting posting my photos on my blog. I am going to try to be better about updating my photos on my bog again. The good news is that I am still doing the project and I haven’t missed a day. 🙂 I am absolutely determined to complete the 365 project. One main reason that I haven’t been posting my photo a day is that there has been quite a few days lately where I have been using my camera phone for the project to document some projects I have been working on and I didn’t want those to be the most recent photos seen as they are not the best representation of my work. I got a couple of photos this past weekend so I felt they were appropriate to share.


97/365-Yesterday my church had a carnival and I donated two photography sessions to the raffle. I am really excited to hear from the winners and be able to do some shooting. The carnival was the first annual one and I was amazed at what a turnout there was. The carnival was even bigger than I had thought and there were so many people, I definitely think it was a great success. There were some cars on display, one of them being a batmobile. I took some pictures of the stormy sky being reflected in the side of a black Chevy Stingray. I thought it was an interesting perspective and was fairly happy with the results.



98/365-Practicing Lighting. I received my softbox over the weekend and was so excited to practice with it. My husband generously volunteered to be my model and so I snapped some pics of him. I absolutely love black and white and find myself editing so many photos to in black and white. I think it is so timeless and classic and felt that my subject tonight was perfectly fitting for some black and white editing. I have a group portrait session Thursday night and I am really excited to snap some shots with this lighting setup.