100/365-Tonight we finally went and played catch, which the hubby has been wanting to do for some time. The little guy has so much energy so it’s always nice to get out and let him run around and have fun. I always feel like the fresh air helps to keep my spirits up and reminds me of all of the things in my life that I am thankful for. It was so much fun getting out and just having fun with the man that I love and the little boy that owns my heart. I look forward to many more days of fun in our future.



101/365-Tomorrow I am going to be shooting some portrait shots for a group of ladies. A couple of years ago I had signed up to sell Mary Kay, and well, it didn’t go well at all. The woman that I signed up under asked me if I would be willing to take some portraits of some ladies that she will be doing advanced glamour makeovers with. I decided to do some more practice with the photos by using my mom and sister as models. They are both beautiful women, both inside and out, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such love. I snapped a shot that I am in love with of my mom, as she is just so natural and perfect in every way.