Yesterday I finally got a new camera. I have been wanting a better camera for a long time, and really needing one as well. I finally outgrew my old Nikon D60 to the point where I disliked using it as I was so frustrated at how limited I felt with it. I got some great photos from it and I am thankful for the years of service it provided me, but it was time to move on. I upgraded to the Nikon D300S. I absolutely love the Kino brand and I have played with Canon a little and I personally know I will always be loyal to the Nikon brand. I picked up my camera during my lunch break at work yesterday and rushed home to play with it, only to find I had to charge the battery before use. I need to remind myself that I should always check directions first. After the battery charged, I attached my lens and started snapping away. I found there is a very, very big difference in this camera and my old one so I know that it will take some getting used to. Luckily I had plenty of time to practice today. A co worker of mine invited me to Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar as her art class was having an outing there. It was a beautiful location and I found plenty of things to photograph. I even met a guy who was shooting with a brownie camera and I was really interested to learn about this camera. I had heard about them but never seen them. His camera was from the 1920’s and he had the manual which helped him learn to use it. He let me check out the camera and now I have convinced myself that this would be a fun toy for me. I am toying with the idea of trying to shoot with film.

This afternoon I was able to assist a fellow photographer friend and some portrait sessions so it was really great practice for me. I have to say that I am far more comfortable with the camera at the end of today than I was yesterday and I know that every time I use it, I will be more comfortable and continue to improve in my skills.

I used a picture I took today of the koi pond they have at Sherman Gardens. I wasn’t expecting to get spectacular photos while I adjust to my new camera, but I was happy with some of the photos that I did get today.