I have started a blog to document my adventures into the world of photography. I am just starting out so there is so much to learn and I look forward to many years of growth, improvement and embracing my creative side. Since this is my first post, I find it appropriate for it to be from the first engagement session I shot recently. I find it especially fitting as photography is a new chapter in my life and this engagement session is a documentation of a new adventure in two other people’s lives.

Laura and Mike are a wonderful couple. The chemistry between them is just incredible. You can see the love and mutual respect that they both have for one another. As they plan their wedding and their future life together, it becomes obvious that their path is one they are running towards without hesitation. This couple was so natural throughout their photo shoot that I had to hardly give any direction at all. I loved that they threw out suggestions as to what types of photos they would like. I wish this couple years of happiness and love in their life together.

I absolutely loved this location. It was so tranquil and green, it was the ideal setting.  I was so happy that the weather held out for us as they were calling for rain this particular day.

Now, some pictures from the session: