Today I attended a meetup called Flowers and Frogs and it was in a very rural part of Corona called Dawson’s Canyon. The host of the event owns 20 acres of poroperty (I’m still in shock) and it was all rugged, practically undisturbed land. There were a couple of juniper trees growing on their hill, which to me looked close to a mini mountain, and they estimate the age to be close to 200 years based on the size. There is a creek that runs a little below their house and it was interesting that the land on the side of the creek not used has no flowers growing whatsoever and the side where they have the house and do use has an abundance of wildflowers. The theory is that the flowers are opportunists so when grading, etc is done, the flowers move in, where as the untouched land grows nothing as nature does it’s thing. They are thinking that the land on the other side of the creek has hardly been touched and it was so amazing to think that the land could have been traversed by who know who or what a long time ago and has been relatively untouched since then. There were so many poppies and the hillsides were scattered with large clusters of golden colors where the poppies grew.

When the sun finally made it’s appearance, the poppies really opened up and they were stunning. There were so many other pretty flowers and I had a great time photographing all of the natural flowers we came across. The creek was literally filled with polywogs and it was so hard for me to restrain myself from catching some.

We did see quite a few frogs frollicking about and swimming in the creek.

All in all it was a great day. I met some wonderful people both at yesterday’s meetup and today’s meetup and I am really grateful for those opportunities. I really look forward to attending future meetups.