Miss Chloe was two and a half weeks old when we did the second half of her newborn photos. She was a great baby again, of course! Chloe’s grandparents on her father’s side were there to get some photos with the little baby as well. It was wonderful to see the grandparents from both sides of the family altogether and enjoying their grandchild. Chloe’s great grandma’s were absolutely precious and you see how much they adored Chloe. I have no doubt that Chloe will never be lacking for love or affection. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” doesn’t seem to apply when you have such a large family that can’t seem to get enough of their newest member.

Chloe already has grown since her first set of photos. This photo is just so precious, she was so relaxed and patient while I took the shot.

This next shot was one of my top favorites to date. I just love the innocence of the sleeping baby and the peacefulness that they bring when you watch them sleep.

I have seen so many photos of these hats with the poms poms and I was able to find a pattern and made the hat. This was my first attempt at knitting and I have to say it was quite fun. I look forward to being able to make more of these hats in the future.

I also knitted this item as well. At first Chloe wasn’t too thrilled with it, but when she was sleeping, she apparently liked the softness of it on her skin as evidenced by the smile on her face.

There really is just something so peaceful about a sleeping baby. Just look at that face.

Chloe’s parents are so proud of her and they love to just admire her.

Mother and Daughter.