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I was informed about this new site, thumbtack, by my friend who owns a flower shop. I signed up for an account today on Thumbtack. I like the idea of the site. It allows people who are looking for a service, ie photography, florist, etc. to search the site for the specific service. It allows you to show your work, as well as gives a description about you. I am looking forward to hopefully getting in some inquiries from this service.

Here is a link to my page:

<a href=”″>Beautiful Photography For Any Occasion</a>


100/365-Tonight we finally went and played catch, which the hubby has been wanting to do for some time. The little guy has so much energy so it’s always nice to get out and let him run around and have fun. I always feel like the fresh air helps to keep my spirits up and reminds me of all of the things in my life that I am thankful for. It was so much fun getting out and just having fun with the man that I love and the little boy that owns my heart. I look forward to many more days of fun in our future.



101/365-Tomorrow I am going to be shooting some portrait shots for a group of ladies. A couple of years ago I had signed up to sell Mary Kay, and well, it didn’t go well at all. The woman that I signed up under asked me if I would be willing to take some portraits of some ladies that she will be doing advanced glamour makeovers with. I decided to do some more practice with the photos by using my mom and sister as models. They are both beautiful women, both inside and out, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such love. I snapped a shot that I am in love with of my mom, as she is just so natural and perfect in every way.


I have been still posting my photo a day on facebook and have been neglecting posting my photos on my blog. I am going to try to be better about updating my photos on my bog again. The good news is that I am still doing the project and I haven’t missed a day. 🙂 I am absolutely determined to complete the 365 project. One main reason that I haven’t been posting my photo a day is that there has been quite a few days lately where I have been using my camera phone for the project to document some projects I have been working on and I didn’t want those to be the most recent photos seen as they are not the best representation of my work. I got a couple of photos this past weekend so I felt they were appropriate to share.


97/365-Yesterday my church had a carnival and I donated two photography sessions to the raffle. I am really excited to hear from the winners and be able to do some shooting. The carnival was the first annual one and I was amazed at what a turnout there was. The carnival was even bigger than I had thought and there were so many people, I definitely think it was a great success. There were some cars on display, one of them being a batmobile. I took some pictures of the stormy sky being reflected in the side of a black Chevy Stingray. I thought it was an interesting perspective and was fairly happy with the results.



98/365-Practicing Lighting. I received my softbox over the weekend and was so excited to practice with it. My husband generously volunteered to be my model and so I snapped some pics of him. I absolutely love black and white and find myself editing so many photos to in black and white. I think it is so timeless and classic and felt that my subject tonight was perfectly fitting for some black and white editing. I have a group portrait session Thursday night and I am really excited to snap some shots with this lighting setup.


Today I decided to grab a shot of our curtains while the sun was out. I really liked the way that the sun looked as it was shining through and thought it would make a great photo. I also liked the fact that it appears black and white even though it wasn’t. Our curtains are actually purple.


I am now caught up on my posts! Hopefully now I will keep current as it is no fun to play catch up. Tonight I took out my actual camera and my flash and took some photos of my dog Liberty. She is an American Bulldog and is about 7 years old. She is such a great dog, loves my son and is so loving and loyal. She was a pound rescue from the Los Angeles Animal Shelter. MWhen my hubby and I were dating, he adopted her for me as a birthday present. She is the greatest dog I have yet to own. She was 4 years old when we got her and we literally saved her from being put down. We had gotten to the shelter just as they closed the adoption window so they put a note on her file that we would be coming to adopt her the next day to keep her from being put down. However, the next day was a Friday and there was no way I was able to get to LA from Irvine in Friday traffic and make it before they closed. I called every 30 minutes that day to make sure she was still available and hadn’t been adopted or put down. We went to get her first thing Saturday morning and I am so grateful we were able to adopt her. I have always thought that there are great dogs at the pound looking for the perfect home, and Liberty is a perfect example of that. I love black and white photos and since she is already black and white, it made for easy editing. I was quite happy with my results tonight.


My son is 15 months and has discovered how to walk. With that learning, he unfortunately falls quite a bit. Tonight was no exception. At night he gets an extra burst of energy and loves to walk in circles around out coffee table. Tonight he fell and he hit his chin on the corner of the coffee table. After some TLC, baby aspirin and some popsicles, the swelling and the tears were gone. The cut was not as bad as it looked at first but it still broke my heart to see my son so hurt.


Tonight I get the best wife award for watching WWE with my hubby. He really wanted to watch as his friend designed the shirt that was worn by Stone Cold Steve Austin. I grabbed a photo with my camera phone and have learned that camera phone and hi def TV are apparently not a great combination for a photo. I still thought it was a pretty cool shirt either way.


Once again, I am late posting here. I really need to find a way to post daily on here and not just on facebook. We used our passes Sunday and went to Disneyland. I absolutely love tulips and the most beautiful ones were growing under the Walt Disney and Mickey statue at the end of Main Street. I grabbed a shot with my camera phone. I liked the vintage look better than what I got with the plain camera version.


My father is a kind, gentle, caring, patient and loving man and tonight we had a reason to celebrate him, his birthday. My family all enjoyed yummy dinner followed by a homemade cake made by my mom and some ice cream. We all watched The Bachelor, you know you have a good dad when he watches that show on his birthday. Dad, I love you very much and I am so thankful for such an incredible dad. I hope this next year is even better than the last!

Tonight I pulled out a basket and shot some photos with my new fringe blanket I made. Since we finished it at midnight last night, I grabbed a quick shot with my camera phone and then went to sleep. I was eager to try it out tonight in one of the ways I intend to use it for a photo session. I love the colors and the textures and I am still so happy with it. I look forward to when I finally have a newborn session and am able to use this as I think it will really give some more depth and texture.