So Saturday was the day that I was going to see Mrs. Maes in action with her truffles. We made a quick jaunt to the local stores to get all of our supplies. We settled on making peanut butter truffles and chocolate truffles. Saturday’s photo was the dough for the inside of the truffles which had to sit over night before being dipped for eating.


Today was also nice as I got to meet up with a photographer friend, Tracy Norred, and meet her adorable 3 month old daughter Avery. She was such a happy baby and all full of smiles and giggles. It made me think of how small my little man was just just months ago and how fast that babies grow up. It was really  nice to catch up and I look forward to more playdates in the future. I am planning to homeschool my son and so finding friends near his age to socialize him with, besides the other avenues I plan to take advantage of such as enrolling him in sports, finding mommy and me groups, and various children he will meet at church and in the neighborhood. I firmly believe that socialization is uber important, for children and adults, and am always grateful when I am able to meet with people in person and make new friends.